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Verify that your website is crawlable

Since the first open source release, 5.0.0, Diem allows to prevent search engine bots to crawl your website. By changing a setting in the admin menu: "Tools->Configuration->Configuration Panel", you can enable or disable search engine indexation for all pages:

It works by changing the "robots" meta value. This is usefull for keeping control of your SEO, especially when your website content is not fully ready for indexation.

However, until today, the "Site indexable" setting was set to false by default. This means that all your pages had robots meta "noindex,nofollow". In light of this you are strongly encouraged to check this setting and change it to true in order to make your website appear on search engines like Google.

Be aware that this setting is culture dependent. If your website is multilingual, you need to change the setting value for each culture.

Next versions of Diem (5.0.6, 5.1.2, 5.2) will have this setting set to true by default.

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  • ThibaultMay 17, 2010 10:44 PM

    Thanks Ivan Plamenov Tanev for your help on finding the issue and writing the blog post!

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