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Diem is hiring!

As some of you might have noticed in the Google group, Diem is changing its core developers.

Thibault, Diem's founder and spiritual father, is no longer able to maintain Diem full time. Therefore a new team is being formed to maintain this beautiful OpenSource CMS and it's community to support the many websites using Diem today.

In a first phase, Thibault granted all admin access to 4levels (myself) and Stéphane. We're both very honored to take on this challenge and have nothing but the best intentions with Diem as we both use it for our own projects and clients. But since neither of us is able to maintain Diem full time as well, we're looking for people to keep Diem and its community as alive as before.

Things to do

Setup a team

We're looking for passionate people to do all kind of things:

  • Find issues and fix them from a core developers point of view
  • Enhance Diem by creating / updating challenging plugins and core improvements
  • Write and update documentation on how Diem is used
  • Moderate our community to have a helpful and active forum
  • ...

As we are in the middle of starting to bundle our efforts together, please allow us some time to catch up with the many things to do ;-)

Plot a road map

We need a clear vision on the future of Diem as OpenSource CMS. A decent release planning will be necessary as the new team comes from various directions and has different views and needs on how Diem should be. Therefore we created a new Forum Diem Team / Release planning where we can discuss and determine a solid view on what's next.

Things to consider

Diem today

Diem is a great CMS: it has the skills and the right method's to quickly develop a nice web-application, it's easy to maintain and fun to play around with. It's powerful extensions of symfony and Doctrine allow you as developer to use both projects to the fullest. With it's nice and tested plugins, lots of extra functionalities are available with very little effort, leading your project to it's targets in no time!

The future of Diem / symfony / Doctrine

As symfony is being metamorphosed to symfony2 and Doctrine to Doctrine2, everything in the Diem CMS core needs to be transformed in order to use these next-gen frameworks as supposed to be. This task is far more complex than a simple rewriting / refactoring run on the Diem core plugins. Everything literally needs to be rewritten from scratch as all the fundamentals have changed.

A lot of talented developers, including Diem's very own Thibault, coming from different PHP opensource CMS projects have now teamed up to found a new Content Management Framework, named symfony-cmf, based on symfony2/Doctrine2. Check the Google group symfony-cmf-devs for more insights on the status and activities..

Maintaning Diem in it's optimal state

Enhancing Diem with tons of extra built-in features goes beyond it's purpose: Diem should remain the barebone core CMS it is today. Extra features can perfectly be implemented as plugins as everything in Diem is configurable and extensible because it's clean code usage of symfony. Plugins can be easier reviewed, tested and maintaned and allow us to chose on a per project base which features we want, keeping Diem as the clean, fast core CMS we need. Naturally, new development is always welcome and greatly encouraged for all of us to learn.

Thanks to all for your support and interest in Diem!

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  • ThibaultOctober 26, 2010 12:22 PM

    Congrats guys! Diem has never been in better hands!

  • Ravindra YepuriJanuary 17, 2012 7:50 AM

    Hi, I am passionate to do a framework in php. I am new to symfony but if i believe i can do this.

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